Ava Ayers Playlists

As I mentioned, I create Playlists for certain books before I start a project. The music evokes certain moods which sets the tone for the characters, settings and situations. 

Some of the songs are mentioned in the books, like in Pretty Hate where certain songs bonded the characters.

I am a music junky and my taste is very eclectic. When I find a particular song, I usually listen to it on a loop until it's burned into my brain. And a certain song can change my mood quickly. It will either bring back a memory (good or bad) or cause me to feel a certain emotion (good or bad, again). But, for better or worse, I need to listen to music as much as I need to write.

I've included my Playlists here in case you find something new or remember something you forgot. 

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel in case you want to listen in a different window: Ava Ayers YouTube Channel

Ava Ayers Once Were Family Playlist

Ava Ayers Pretty Hate Playlist

Ava Ayers The Inquisitor's Song Playlist

Ava Ayers Immoral Beloved Playlist