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Pretty Hate

Book Description
Publication Date: July 27, 2014

Ava Ayers' Pretty Hate

Beth Munroe has a father named Mickey Sexual, a sister named Mazie Goodnight and her roommate is a pimp named Ivory-Lou.

And she wants to be saved.

When Beth meets handsome, world traveling writer Nicolas Miles and hot, passionate rock star Declan White, she falls into the fantasy life she craves.

But after embarking on a dark journey of speculation fueled by comparison called the Pretty Hate, will Beth find true love in a world of oversharing and deception?

Bestselling author Ava Ayers presents Pretty Hate, a coming of age novel about discovering identity and love through humor and humiliation with crazy friends and an even crazier family..

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The Inquisitor's Song

Book Description
Publication Date: November 21, 2013

Ava Ayers The Inquisitor's SongAs the lead Inquisitor of The Order, Luca Maretti, is sent to enact vengeance against Offenders all over the world. A beautiful and sadistic man, Luca’s proficiency in the chamber is second only to his expertise in the bedroom. The new mission is unprecedented within The Order. The exquisite Lena Mason is chosen to accompany Luca to Manhattan as junior Inquisitor on the assignment. Auto-Da-Fé is declared against the Offenders: Paul Kirschner, the handsome, depraved special prosecutor for New York’s Public Integrity Board and his pretty, pathologically vain wife Katy who is aware of all her husband’s immoral secrets. While Luca and Lena wield an Inquisitor’s meticulous punishment over the Offenders, the tension developing between the passionate Inquisitors is much harder to control. 

The Inquisitor’s Song is Ava Ayer’s newest release after her best-selling erotic fantasy novel, Immoral Beloved. The Inquisitor’s Song is a 40,000-word fantasy novel that contains erotic scenes, incidents of Medieval retribution against entitled hypocrites and lively discussions about cake sitters. Meant for mature readers, all characters are eighteen years of age or older.

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Immoral Beloved

Book Description
Publication Date: November 7, 2013

Ava Ayers Immoral BelovedSophia Pearson is having one hell of a death. 

In 1967 she was a young bride honeymooning with her husband Brandt at the Battleroy Hotel, a majestic hotel on Cape Cod. Had she known of the Battleroy's opulent history, steeped in centuries of evil, she might have insisted on an alternate destination. But misfortune struck and she learned that when you die on the Battleroy's hallowed ground, you remain forever.

There are many other victims of the Battleroy who are eager to show Sophia the ropes of the spirit world. Others like James, the billionaire playboy who dominates Sophia with his debaucherous hand and instructs her on the virtue of erotic pleasure, Adelaide, the wry Indian princess made of stone and Anthony Porcco who died in 1948 after eating twenty-four poisoned baked potatoes.

While James occupies Sophia's body, vengeance occupies her mind. She and her otherworldly brethren plot to administer revenge to those who caused her death. Will she be successful in doling out retribution from beyond the grave?

Immoral Beloved is an erotic fantasy novel containing explicit material, a cast of freaky apparitions, a wicked ménage à quatre and thirteen bad-ass wolves. All characters are eighteen years or older.

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Paranormal Erotic Romance box set with author Lola Swain. 

Lola Swain's Paranormal Erotic Romance Box Set With Author Ava Ayers

Snuggle up and get ready for a ride of fantasy filled with lust, adventure and yes, even love. Best-selling authors Lola Swain and Ava Ayers bring you some of the most exciting paranormal fantasy erotic romance novels published in this four novel box set. Your journey begins with a first-class stay at an ancient hotel filled with sexy apparitions with shocking secrets in Immoral Beloved, then you are a voyeur into the lives of the rich, entitled and psychotic in the dark, erotic Parawhormal Activity, next, you spend the evening with a hot, Alpha inquisitor well-versed in the art of passionate punishment in The Inquisitor's Song and finally, frolic with the Devil's brood during their twisted exploits in The Master Captive Chronicles. Your voyage is bursting with a delicious, tense yearning that fills you with an insatiable desire for your own hot expedition that will end in your release. Onward, friends. But, a caveat: this book is meant for mature audiences and all characters are eighteen and over. Now, climb on.

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