Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ava Ayers Once Were Family: A Suspense Novel In Release

Ava Ayers' psychological thriller Once Were Family: A Suspense Novel is in release on Amazon now.

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Book Description

Publication Date: September 1, 2014

Katie Dillinger is the effect of loss. 

When the beauty with the perfect life succumbs to an impulse she won’t control, she loses everything. Some view Katie’s descent as madness rising. After all, the girl who gave a speech on Henry Miller’s Opus Pistorum in front of her elementary school when she was eight cannot be without issues. Katie nourishes herself with dissidence and desire, but even the hunted who feed on chaos eventually tire. Feeling like Frankenstein’s monster, but hot and with a better wardrobe, Katie sets off on an apocalyptic adventure to find her last, best chance or die trying. Along the way, she unravels a mystery brought about by the momentum of loss, bringing Katie to the feet of those who want her dead. 

If Candide contained graphic sex, mayhem and brutal commentary about the consequences of present-day greed, it would be bestselling author Ava Ayers’ thriller Once Were Family; a suspense novel about the punishment of the hunters administered by the hunted. 

When Fuck and Fight are the only two pills left in the bottle, swallow both for freedom.