Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Paranormal Erotic Romance Box Set With Naughty Author Lola Swain In Release!

I teamed up with naughty author Lola Swain to produce the Paranormal Erotic Romance box set. I hope you enjoy it!

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Included in this box set are the following books:

Immoral Beloved by Ava Ayers
Parawhormal Activity by Lola Swain
The Inquisitor's Song by Ava Ayers
The Master Captive Chronicles by Lola Swain

Lola Swain's Paranormal Erotic Romance Box Set With Author Ava Ayers

Book Description

Snuggle up and get ready for a ride of fantasy filled with lust, adventure and yes, even love. Best-selling authors Lola Swain and Ava Ayers bring you some of the most exciting paranormal fantasy erotic romance novels published in this four novel box set. Your journey begins with a first-class stay at an ancient hotel filled with sexy apparitions with shocking secrets in Immoral Beloved, then you are a voyeur into the lives of the rich, entitled and psychotic in the dark, erotic Parawhormal Activity, next, you spend the evening with a hot, Alpha inquisitor well-versed in the art of passionate punishment in The Inquisitor's Song and finally, frolic with the Devil's brood during their twisted exploits in The Master Captive Chronicles. Your voyage is bursting with a delicious, tense yearning that fills you with an insatiable desire for your own hot expedition that will end in your release. Onward, friends. But, a caveat: this book is meant for mature audiences and all characters are eighteen and over. Now, climb on.