Friday, January 3, 2014

Ava Ayers New Adult Novel Pretty Hate In Release

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Ava Ayers Pretty Hate

Pretty Hate Book Description:
Beth Munroe's life devolves from a series of blunders that began before her birth when her father Mickey Sexual, lead singer of the band Chili Cheese Dog, dumps Beth's mother for his wife. With school long over, Beth refuses to live with her mother and her insane aunt Merry-Bell, a beetle taxidermist with a raging case of Pica and moves in with her oldest sister Rebel Love and Rebel's boyfriend Ivory-Lou Franklin, a pimp and owner of the West Virginia strip club Knockers. Once Beth's boyfriend leaves her, she falls in love with handsome, Camus-quoting writer and world traveler Nicolas Miles after falling into a garbage can in front of him. When Beth meets hot rock star Declan White after accidentally "hearting" his former stepdaughter India's picture on Instagram, things really get bat-shit crazy in Beth Munroe's life. 
As Beth sinks into the pretty hate and begins the rumination and speculation fueled by Facebook, will she find love amid illusion or will her worst fear of ending up like her pining mother come true?

Best-selling author Ava Ayers presents Pretty Hate, a new adult, coming of age novel about discovering true identity and true love in a world of over-sharing and deception. As profile pictures egg on insecurity and social media desperation evolves into reinvention, Beth Munroe swims through the humiliation of the pretty hate with humor, hysterics, some crazy friends and an even crazier family.

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