Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Playlists and Music

I need to listen to music as much as I need to write.

When I begin a project, I create a Playlist for that project which sets the tone (see what I did there?) for the characters, locations, different scenes and moods. Depending on how focused my brain feels I will sometimes listen to the songs I created in my playlists while I'm writing or I will listen to get me geared up in preparation for the writing. 

Sometimes, I mention certain songs or bands in individual books like I did in Pretty Hate. Music and certain songs  bonded Beth Munroe and her friend India...songs like Tuesday's Gone by Lynryd Skynyrd, which they always listened to on airplanes or Cut Dead by Jesus and Mary Chain, which they always listened to when their hearts were broken.

I included the Playlists for the books I created on the site. I also frequently include a video in a post because I was listening to that song while writing the post. I tried to find videos on YouTube that did not have advertisements (is everything monetized these days?) because it's sort of jarring to be interrupted by a tampon ad in the middle of listening to some sweet tunes--at least I find it so. 

My musical taste is eclectic. I listen to anything from rap to punk. It's a certain song that does it for me rather than a particular genre. I get inspired by the music and pick up the mood from a certain song that I feel down to my toes. I've frequently discovered certain bands or songs by suggestions from others. 

So, I hope you hear something you like. Maybe a song you forgot about that evokes a certain memory or a new song you discover that you listen to on a loop. Let me know if you have any suggestions for songs you love too!

Here's a link to my YouTube Channel in case you want to listen in a different window: Ava Ayers YouTube Channel