Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shipped Up To Boston To Research Immoral Beloved, See The Dropkick Murphys and Dig Into Jesse Pomeroy's Life

When I was doing all of my research for Immoral Beloved, one of my hunting missions was in Boston where I took the opportunity to see my fellow Bostonians Dropkick Murphys...awesome!

One of the characters in Immoral Beloved is Jesse Pomeroy. In Immoral Beloved, Alexander Battle was enamored with his friend Jesse Pomeroy and teamed up with him to carry out their devilish pursuits. When Jesse was caught for torture and murder, Alexander was devastated and combined Jesse's name and his to form The Battleroy Hotel with the hope that when Jesse was released from prison, he'd join him at The Battleroy and they'd continue their horrific "games."

While Alexander Battle is a character I made up for Immoral Beloved, Jesse Pomeroy was very real and may not be as known as he is to those who are from the Boston-area. 

Jesse Harding Pomeroy has the designation of being the youngest person ever convicted for murder in Massachusetts. He was remanded to the Suffolk County Jail at the age of fourteen in December of 1874. When he turned sixteen, he was then remanded to Charlestown where he remained in solitary confinement until 1929 when he was transferred to the Bridgewater Hospital For The Criminally Insane (more about Bridgewater later) where he remained until his death in 1932.  

Jesse Pomeroy, like the character Alexander Battle in Immoral Beloved, was a bad cat who did some unspeakable things to children while he was free to terrorize the Boston-area.

If you want to read more about Jesse Pomeroy, check out the Wikipedia page:

Jesse Harding Pomeroy's Wikipedia Page

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