Friday, July 27, 2012

The Blurb For Immoral Beloved

The Blurb For Immoral Beloved:

Sophia Pearson is having one hell of a death. 

In 1967 she was a young bride honeymooning with her husband Brandt at the Battleroy Hotel, a majestic hotel on Cape Cod. Had she known of the Battleroy’s opulent history, steeped in centuries of evil, she may have insisted on an alternate destination. But misfortune struck and she learned that when you die on the Battleroy’s hallowed ground, you remain forever.

There are many other victims of the Battleroy who are eager to show Sophia the ropes of the spirit world. Others like James, the billionaire playboy who dominates Sophia with his debaucherous hand and instructs her on the virtue of erotic pleasure, Adelaide, the wry Indian princess made of stone and Anthony Porcco who died in 1948 after eating twenty-four poisoned baked potatoes.

While James occupies Sophia's body, vengeance occupies her mind. She and her otherworldly brethren plot to administer revenge to those who caused her death. Will she be successful in doling out retribution from beyond the grave?

Immoral Beloved is an erotic fantasy novel containing explicit material, a cast of freaky apparitions, a wicked ménage à quatre and thirteen bad-ass wolves. All characters are eighteen years or older.

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