Sunday, May 20, 2012

Latest Work In Progress Immoral Beloved

I've always had a fantasy (not that kind) of being left in a big department store after closing or hiding out in an old hotel after it closes up in the winter like a lot of places in the Northeast do. I don't know why, something about exploring off-limit places presents a thrill. Go figure. Anyway, my latest project, under the working title Immoral Beloved, centers around that theme. I written it around a fictional hotel on Martha's Vineyard called the Battleroy and what started as a proposal for a short piece, has turned into a novel-length work, at first glance.

One of the things I'm jazzed about is the research I'm doing. The book is set in the 60's, however, it's a Gothic, romantic, fantasy novel and there are a lot of ghosts from earlier days floating about. Perhaps research is my procrastination when I'm blocked during the writing process, but some of the things I've found in the book have caused me to add a twist of alternate history based on factual events.  

I will be posting some of my findings with the items that are going to be presented in the book. Sometimes we believe current events are far more brutal than the past ever was, but I tell you, the things I've run across have definitely put to rest the sweetness and life Mrs. Cleaver fairy tales. 

Truth can most definitely be stranger than fiction!

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